Creative Publications

"Two Flash Fiction Pieces," Bullshit Lit, March 2023

"My Father Called Me Firework," Ghost Parachute, November 2022 Issue

"Parenthood" and "Jeremy in Our Heads" Parentheses Journal, Issue 13, June 2022

“The Note on the Back of My CVS Receipt,” Flash Frog, May 2022

“Dancers in Green and Yellow, Edgar Degas,” Ekphrastic Review, March 2022

"The Fermi Paradox" Gulf Stream Literary Magazine, Issue 29, December 2021

"Flat Out Fabulous," The Lumiere Review, Issue 05, June 2021

"Carbonara," Flash Fiction Magazine, June 2021

"Trying to Find a Place to Eat in Saint Anthony,Idaho, Sunday at 9 p.m.,"
"When Wings Explode,"
"Pogo Sticks," Emerge Literary Journal, Issue 17, February 2021

"Into the Sink" Fractured Literary, November 2020

"Pocket Avocado," Passages North, May 2020

"Flora" (Three Shorts), Hunnybee Lit, January 2020

"Wish You Were Here," Z Publishing's Florida's Emerging Writers: An Anthology, September 2018

"7600 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, FL 32504," Saw Palm: Places to Stand, May 2018

"Trying to Find a Way Around the Graduate School Paradox," iō Literary Journal, October 2017

"Sister Mattress Stair Rides at Home," Tooth n Nail: practical advice from and for the everywoman, March 2017

"curls" and "drunk," thread Literary Inquiry vol 10 (pgs. 46 & 65), April 2016

Book Reviews

"Nice Things by James Franco: Book Review," Sweet Literary Confection, November 2019

"Quite Mad: Book Review," Sweet Literary Confection, Issue 12.1, October 2019